Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Carpe Diem --"Sieze the Day"

Good morning San Antonio. Carpe Diem means Sieze the Day. So many people either waste the day or don't appreciate their privilege of being able to be self sufficient and physically independent. The number of people who have no appreciation increases every day and even more alarming is the fact that the average age of those people decreases every day as well. Every opportunity I get to try to motivate people I try to maximize it. I also ask my clients to do the same on a daily basis. The more people we get to motivate others then we can help remedy this epidemic of laziness/unappreciation. So please go out there and try to promote people to Sieze the Day and make the most of it because tomorrow is never guaranteed. If we help 1 person then awesome and if we don't help anybody at least it won't be for lack of effort damnit!!! Tomorrow is now.... San Antonio Chris

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