Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting "Lifed"

Godd afternoon San Antonio. Getting "Lifed". It's guaranteed to happen. Without doubt without warning without escaping, you will get "Lifed". My friend used this phrase with me a couple of years back. All it means is that life in general will try to get in the way of what you are trying to do. Whether you are trying to do something for your career or your personal life something will happen undoubtedly. Some people call it Murphy's Law. Whatever you want to call the phenomenon is irrelevant. When life tries to get in the way you simply need to stare right back and say Thank You...and then get right back to what you were doing before. Don't life get in the way of what you are accomplishing as we speak. If we help 1 person then awesome and if we don't help anybody at least it won't be for lack of effort damnit!!!...Tomorrow is now.....San Antonio Chris

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