Friday, January 20, 2012


Now look in the mirror....and now look around you...San Antonio please be brutally honest with yourselves. We are bigggg. Way to big. Dangerously big. Now I'm all about being comfortable in my own or your own skin but we can't Live in utter denial. I'm not gonna tell anybody what they "should" or "should not" look like, but when San Antonio has been in the top 10 "Fattest Cities in the Nation" for the past few years it's clearly evident that we are Fat. And not just Fat but to the point where it has become a clear epidemic. We sadly are also in the top for child obesity. Come on now!!! FIRST STEP IS AWARENESS AND ADMITTANCE. We have to be AWARE of the condition that we have not only put ourselves in but also our future (I.e.our children). ADMIT that no we don't look good nor do we feel good. Ask anybody who is diabetic and ask them how they feel. Go sit in a dialysis clinic and tell me what you think. Never a good feeling to lose your vision or be forced to amputate any of your body parts due to being severely overweight/obese which leads to diabetes. So to start for the next 30 days we will give 30 healthy tips. 30 healthy tips for the next 30 days. Everybody please feel free to share input or advice. This needs to be a group awareness. If we help 1 person then awesome and if not then at least it won't be for lack of effort damnit!! Tomorrow is now........San Antonio Chris


  1. Awesome...I'm looking forward to reading your daily tips! I personally am on a good path with health & fitness, but am always looking for ways to better myself...physically, mentally, spiritually! After having two kids...I have lost all of the "baby weight," but would personally like to lose 5 more lbs...def possible and I can and WILL DO IT! Hopefully more people can catch on and strive to live healthier lives as well! Keep up the great work and inspiration Chris!!!

  2. Thx for the input girl. Inspirational for sure. What specifically did u do to get back in shape post baby?

  3. Honestly, I think there were many factors that helped with this...first (& honestly I think one of the biggest factors) was staying in shape during both my pregnancies. I worked out daily...religiously...til the day I gave birth with both. I (of course with my doctor's approval) kept on doing the same type of exercise I did before getting body was used to it so it wasn't anything new to dr knew that I was a runner and how important it was to me, so she encouraged me to just keep on doing it. I ran my entire pregnancy...til the day I delivered both. This definitely helped to keep my weight in check and allowed me to stay at the lower end of the recommended weight gain. While most women are give the typical "6 week" mark to start exercising post birth, my dr gave me 2 weeks and I was right back to running post birth. Last, but not least, I didn't allow myself to "settle" after having both my kids...I made the decision that I was going to eat foods that nourish my body and my child's (since I was nursing)in the best way possible...I wanted to get that weight off as quick as I could and not let in linger...honestly, I feel that the longer you let it "linger" then the easier it gets for one to just get relaxed...and I wasn't about to let that happen! Many women post birth often go out and buy clothes that fir their now bigger size, but I didn't allow it..I didn't want to give myself a chance to get "ok" with that size...I told myself that you will wear the maternity clothes you had until you fit back into your pre-baby clothes...that was definitely good motivation...who honestly wants to be wearing maternity AFTER having a baby?! body is not perfect...never will...but for having 2 kids, it's not that bad either! I'm on a mission to make it the best that I can ;)...not just for looks, but so that I can be healthy and around for a long time!