Thursday, January 19, 2012


Greetings Alamo City. My name is Chris Koenig. I'm a personal trainer and certified nutruitionist/nutrition enthusiast with 12 years experience in the health and wellness field. I am by no means ans expert but I do have a sincere desire to help people mprove their quality of life (QOL). I have lived in San Anotnio since 2004 and am proud to call it home. What I am not proud of the alarmingly high rate of obesity in our city. I have no intentions to offend anybody and every honest intention to help as many that our willing. We need to wake up and become proactive in improving the way we live for ourselves and for our future. If I offend anybody now or in the future I don't apologize. We only live once and there are no dress rehearsals in life. If I / we help one person then awesome And if we don't help anyone then at least it won't be for lack of effort damnit!!! Stay tuned for more to come soon...Plz!!! San Antonio Chris


  1. Proud of you Chris! I too am passionate about this and if I were in SA, I would love to work with you bc I love making a difference in helping others improve their lives...keep up the awesome work!