Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tip 17/30 Make It Fun

Good afternoon San Antonio. Tip 17/30 is make it fun. Whatever you have to do. Whether you have to start off with Zumba or a dance class do something to get your mentality off of the obligatory platform. Meaning stop looking at working out as a chore as opposed to something that you will honestly learn to enjoy. Get outdoors. Which is something that we as San Antonioans don't do nearly enough. We have the hill country very close and parks located all throughout our city. Get out there and bike....hike....swim. Just start making an active lifestyle part of how you live your life and it will become fun. Make it fun!!! If we help 1 person then awesome and if we don't help anybody at least it won't be for lack of effort damnnit!!! Tomorrow is now.....San Antonio Chris

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