Monday, February 20, 2012

Tip 19/30 Why?

Good morning San Antonio. Tip 19/30 WHY? Why are we making efforts to lead a a healthier life? You may be trying to lose weight...gain weight...tone up...but that is what you are trying to do. You need to figure out the WHY!! Once you do that it will be a lot easier to stay focused and get back on track when you do get off track because realistically it will happen and that's totally ok. Let's say you are trying to lose weight. That's good. Now figure out why. Because you will feel better or because you want to be able to play with your children or grandchildren is an appropriate possible answer. A good answer and one that anybody including you will respect and always want to do. Know the WHY!! If we help 1 person then awesome and if we don't help anybody at least it won't be for lack of effort damnit!!! Tomorrow is now...San Antonio Chris

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