Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tip 20/30 Everyday is Different

Good morning San Antonio. I apologize for not posting on here the past couple of days but I have been incredibly busy but no excuses. Tip 20/30 is Everyday is Different. Meaning treat each day as its own. Some days you are going to feel great. Great about what you are doing and great with all the changes that you have made to lead a healthier lifestyle. And then some days you are not going to feel up to doing anything. So everyday can be entirely different. Even when you are doing far more right and healthier habits those days will come when you don't feel like doing the right thing or that the workouts are going to seem far to difficult but trudging through will reap great benefits. A great friend and client of mine pointed a quote out to me by Andy Palmer regarding your workouts running in particular but it pertains to all kinds of workouts : "You must be truly able to let go, to become a split personality of sorts. It's not easy, after all, you are striving to do your very best, yet you have to not care about the results. Running the race ( or working out in general) should be the most important thing in your life while you are actually running it, (or working out) yet you can't care how it turns out." in other words just get it done. Some days will be easier and some will be harder but you have to get it done. If we help 1 person then awesome and if we don't help anybody at least it won't be for lack of effort damnit!! Tomorrow is now.....San Antonio Chris

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